For Patients

Find a doctor, book a visit and solve any health-related doubt

For Doctors

Save time managing visits and cut no-shows by half

It is our core belief that healthcare should be readily accessible to the millions of people residing in Bangladesh. With the use of technology, we aim to do just that; connect and bridge caregivers and patients so that people can live better and healthier lives.

For Patients

We want patients to find the perfect doctor and book an appointment in the most easy way. The patient journey should be enjoyable, and that’s why we are always next to them: to help them find the best possible care. Anytime, anywhere.

Take control of your healthcare with JOTNO Patient. Doctor consultations and appointments, insurance, health check-ups & home tests are all available for you under one roof. You can connect via mobile (android) or home computer.

Consult with doctors and book appointments for telemedicine & chamber. You can select from over 100+ doctors from 25+ specialties. Choose from different health insurance plans, health check-ups & home test packages. Insurance packages, health check-ups & home diagnostics are carefully curated from renowned & trustworthy providers to provide you with a seamless service. Create & manage your family members’ profiles in addition to yours.

Your prescriptions sync automatically in the app for you to easily download & share as per your need. Your personal information & any medical records are protected with the highest standards of online security. Join today and benefit from a faster, smarter way to manage your healthcare.

For Doctors

We also help doctors to better manage their practice and build their online reputation. With our integrated end-to-end solution, doctors are able not only to improve their online presence, but also to devote their time to what really matters: their patients.

On top of doing prescriptions, Jotno Expert gives you access to past patient records like old prescriptions, data on vitals, investigation data and thus making diagnosis and consultations timesaving and rewarding. It also takes care of telemedicine needs and allows doctors to handle appointment scheduling, prescriptions & patient records both via mobile & computer.

Routine tasks like patient registration are addressed simultaneously while doctors can focus on patient consultation. With Jotno Expert, you have your patient database, consultation history and patient demographic report at your fingertips. No longer will you have to go without patient records or log them in registers which take up storage space in cabinets. Jotno Expert stores all this data in the cloud so that you can access it from anywhere, anytime & follow-up with ease.

Jotno Expert also ensures that patients get reminder text for follow-ups, cutting down the risk of patients forgetting follow-up appointments and enabling proper and complete treatment. It also adds to patients’ loyalty towards you.

Handling multiple chamber locations and printing in different institution pads is another unique feature of Jotno Expert. All you have to do is select the chamber of your choice (where you’re practicing at the moment) and Jotno Expert switches to that institution’s configuration instantly. And yes, you have access to all your patient records (irrespective of chamber) all the time.