Square Health Ltd is a healthcare services aggregator aiming to digitize the health sector in Bangladesh. It is our mission to make high-quality and affordable healthcare easily accessible to the millions of people residing in Bangladesh.
Square’s presence in healthcare dates more than half a century. Over the years, along with Govt. Agencies and other stakeholders, Square has played a key role by introducing the latest generics and making these available all over Bangladesh to improve health KPIs i.e. increase in average life span, decrease in maternal and child mortality, etc.

It is also observed that much of the efforts and resources in improving these KPIs get belied due to a lack of non-discrepant data. To varying extents, this is persistent on both sides of stakeholders i.e. caregivers and care seekers. This resulted in the birth of Jotno, a platform for healthcare stakeholders.

With this vision, Square Health Ltd. came into being in 2018 as a healthcare services aggregator. Like the meaning of the word ‘Jotno’ (care in Bangla), each and every feature, UI, and code have one overpowering goal which is to make delivering healthcare services better, and easier every time, every day.

So far we have barely scratched the surface. There is a whole lot to be done in terms of bringing benefits to the masses and developing more and more user-friendly features and services. We collect user feedback, advice on a regular basis and brainstorm how to best fit new ideas in Jotno to make individuals live healthier, happier and longer.

We make healthcare better

We don’t just make software — we empower organizations all over the country to take on the challenges of healthcare’s ever-expanding landscape. From giving providers more satisfaction in their day to fostering a safe, comfortable patient experience, we understand that the best technology is the kind that improves people’s lives.

We explore new possibilities

Square Health’s reputation for excellence resounds across our industry. This didn’t happen overnight — it’s something that we’ve earned over the course of five decades of vision, innovation, and trust. But we don’t rest on those laurels. We embrace change. We keep exploring. We keep asking how can this be better? It’s just part of our DNA.

We’re driven

We’re building solutions that elevate care on both sides of the table, for satisfied clinicians and engaged patients. We’re partnering with influential organizations to break down barriers and create roads to true connectivity. Our passion for advancing healthcare has fueled our company since Day 1, and we’re not taking our foot off the gas anytime soon.

And we’re here for you

The bond between Square Health and our customers reflects genuine partnerships and the common goal of making both healthcare and technology better than they are today. We’ve got smart, passionate people who are ready to work to make sure your patients – and your organization – are in good health.

function / Business Development

Operations in Square Health seem unique. Wonder why? Because all of our projects are created especially for doctors and patients. We are real superheroes for our users and our goal is to make healthcare work for everyone

Lead Generation

The goal here is to intrigue doctors and facilities in becoming Square Health partners. By using content marketing and automation tools we educate and digitize doctors’ offices.

Customer Experience

We make our users engaged in Square Health and our products by building great onboarding and nurturing. Everything is based on analyzing user behavior, data, and testing.

Customer Success & Care

The goal of Customer Success is making doctors’ practices effective and efficient. We regularly take users (doctors) opinions about our platform. Because we believe reliable and valuable comments are worth their weight in gold.


It is our core belief that healthcare should be readily accessible to the millions of people residing in Bangladesh. With the use of technology, we aim to do just that; connect and bridge caregivers and patients so that people can live better and healthier.

function / IT, Product, Data

In these wings, we try to build the best product you’ve ever seen. We listen to our Customers and Users. We believe in Steve Jobs’ quote: “Get closer than ever to your Customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” Want to be a part of this great adventure? Join us!


Our Technology team is made up of Frontend, Backend & Test Engineers: They are just like a machine that turns coffee into code. In the technology team, you can also find our tech support who solve every problem with every possible device in Square Health.


Square Health’s Product Owners and Product Designers take care of our software. They understand our Customers, Users, and Competitors completely which makes creating a great product easier. Sounds interesting? We thought so!


Our design team sees more than you can imagine because imagination belongs to them. They create design solutions for patients’ and doctors’ software. The design also prepares visuals for brand purposes.

User Experience

The UX team seeks an answer to a question: ‘How do Users see our product and what can we do about it?’ and then they try to do it. We make hypotheses, talk to doctors and patients, gather data, and visualize users’ behavior through a variety of tools.