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It is our core belief that healthcare should be readily accessible by the millions of people residing in Bangladesh. With the use of technology, we aim to do just that; connect and bridge caregivers and the patients so that the people can live better and healthier lives.

We understand that patient care starts with the caregivers. It is thus imperative that the caregivers operate at the cutting edge of technology so that they can spend more time on the patients and make their practice/institution more professional. In order to address that, we have launched Jotno Expert; a platform for doctors to manage their appointments and write prescriptions digitally. The data is backed up in real-time, encrypted and safely stored away on the cloud; saving the caregiver the hassle of dealing with storage of files and folders and never losing patient histories again.

Jotno Expert

With the aim of equipping doctors with modern tools to make their institutions or practices digital, Jotno has launched JOTNO Expert – a doctor exclusive platform that revolutionizes and digitizes the way to manage appointments and carry out consultations.

Jotno Patient

Designed exclusively for mobile platforms, Jotno Patient is the goto app for health service seekers to look up symptoms, find doctors, book appointments, consult (remote or physical), get prescription, order medicine, book investigations etc. it also allows users to record health data, sync with devices along with few other ancillary health services.